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Customised Natural Soap (6 Tutu Kueh 100g)

Paprica Dried Orange Peel Soap
paprica/ dried orange peel /honey/ glycerine/ tocopherol/ grape seed oil/ orange sweet EO

Polygonum Inidgo Soap
diolygonum indigo/ honey/ glycerine/ tocopherol/ grape seed oil/ tee tree EO

Tricholoma Matsutake Soap
Natural tricholoma Matsutake/ tripeptide collagen/ silk powder evening primrose oil/ honey/ glycerine/ tocopherol/ pine EO

Caviar Soap
caviar extract/ pink day/ tripeptide collagen/ silk powder/ green tea seed oil/ honey/ glycerine/ tocopherol/ lavender EO

Lentinus Edodes
domestic lentinus edodes/ tripeptide collagen/ silk powder/ evening primrose oil/ tocopherol/ honey/ glycerine/ pine EO

Collagen Chlorella Soap
chlorella/ collagen/ pearl powder/ greentea seed oil/ tocopherol/ honey/ glycerine/ pine Eo/ gum tree EO

Centella Asiatica Soap
Centella asiatica powder (material of madecassol)/ tripeptide collagen/ silk powder/ greentea seed oil/ tocopherol/honey/ glycerine/ gum tree EO/ tea tree EO

Customised to different shapes

Logo customisation

F.D.A. Certificate

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Customised Natural Soap (5 Tutu Kueh 100g)

Tutu Kueh

Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singaporean delicacy. Made primarily with rice flour or glutinous rice flour, the light snack contains either ground peanut and sugar or shredded coconut as its filling. The typical method of preparation involves rapid steaming of the flour and the filling. Once ready, the Tutu is served on pandan leaves to add fragrance.

This Tutu Kueh soap is made up of ingedients like red ginseng, green tea, honey, olive oil and other naturally found materials to give you the unique scent and softness never found in any other soaps found in the market.

1) No Chemicals such as preservtives, hardener and surfactants are used

2) Minerals and nutrients of vegetable oil are good for the skin

3) Keeps your skin moist

4) Different combinations of natural ingredients used to suit different types of skin

5) It decomposses naturally in water after 48 hours. This is an eco friendly product.

Quality Assured

Passed the skin irritation test by BioScreen, USA

Approved Sale by the Ministry of Health, Labor an Welafare, Japan.


This product can me moulded and tailored to suite your corporate requirements. You may mould this soap to the shape of your product for new product launching etc.

Customisation of corporate logos can be done as well.

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Premium Gifts


Customised Natural Soap (5 Tutu Kueh 100g)
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